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10 Ways to Pay for College After a Layoff
Maybe you saw the writing on the wall, or perhaps it came as a total surprise. You were a victim of company layoffs and now you are wondering what to do next. Additional education is an option that will allow you to reinvent your marketability, but paying for college with no current income may feel like the impossible dream. Is it? Not with these options in college financing.
7 Ways to Earn Extra Income in Teaching
A career in education can be rewarding, but you probably won’t get rich off your teacher’s salary alone. However, there are some great ways to fatten your piggy bank while keeping your day job; you just have to seek them out.
Information on Online Degree Programs
Put your worries about job security to rest by getting your degree online. Earning a degree shows dedication to your career, and it adds a valuable credential to your resume and professional portfolio.
What College is Right for Me?
With over 6600 colleges available in the United States alone, choosing the school that is right for you could be daunting.
Change Careers with an Online Degree
Life is funny. We start out with a clear vision of how we’ll spend our lives and how we’ll ensure our success-but in many cases events don’t cooperate and actual experience alters our point of view.
The Fastest Growing Jobs in America
Wondering how to plot out your career path during an economic crisis, or just tired of your current job? Before you plan your next steps, consider this data about the jobs most likely to grow over the next decade. These recession-resistant professions could offer you stable employment as well as rewarding work.
Students with Scholarships - Enjoy More..
This is How Students from ICU do it.
How Safe is My Job?
Though the Great Recession officially ended in June 2009, the recovery is painfully slow. Even if your job survived, it could be on shaky ground. Prospects for many occupations are uncertain, with serious declines in job growth predicted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In today’s business climate, few jobs are completely safe.
Are Online Degrees Credible?
When you choose to enroll in an educational program — whether your goal is an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or professional certification — it’s crucial for you to feel confident your degree program will hold weight in the working world.
Can I Trust Online Colleges?
Like online shopping and banking, online colleges have had to overcome numerous obstacles as educators move from the classroom and into the cloud. One of the biggest obstacles is credibility. Students often ask if they can trust online colleges and if an online degree is respected in the business world. Let’s tackle these burning questions and find out if an online college is the right choice for you.
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