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Best Affordable Online Degrees
Most of the time the decision to do an online degree instead of a conventional campus degree is governed by three main factors – time, distance and money. The time factor and the distance from the university campus are debatable points but when it comes to the cost of the degree it is a simple matter of looking at the numbers. This list doesn't just show the cheapest online programs as that might mean compromising on quality education. Instead it is a list of the cheapest of the best online universities for 2015.
Popular Online Nursing Degrees
The global healthcare industry has evolved and expanded over the last few years. Qualified nursing staff is in demand and a career in healthcare offers a flexible schedule and competitive salary. However first you need to get qualified. Online nursing programs mean that you can get your nursing qualifications in your spare time or while you are already employed.
How to get a Degree from Harvard Online
The most famous university in the world is Harvard which has its campus in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The thought of ever managing to study there is out of the reach of most people. The obstacles you woud have to overcome in order to study at Harvard include being accepted, managing to pay the fees and of course having to live somewhere close enough to the campus in order to attend classes. However there is another option. You can study at Harvard without leaving your home!
Top 5 Ivy League Schools offering Online Courses
As online education becomes more accepted you can now attend an Ivy League school online. Most of these schools only offer individual courses but some can lead to a degree achieved completely (or almost completely) online. Online Ivy League has become Cyber League!
Duke University The Online Way
Duke University is considered by many to be one of the top universities in the country. Duke has a reputation for excellence and prides itself on offering some of the best undergraduate and graduate-level academic programs in the nation. As such, competition to get into Duke is fierce. The admissions team at Duke University is highly selective, accepting only 10% of undergraduate applications each year. At the graduate level acceptance rates are even lower. The Duke University School of Medicine typically accepts less than 5% of applicants in any given year.
What Makes This College a Great Fit For You
It is possible to get a degree from the comfort of your own home but not all online universities are created equally.
Can you Save Money by Doing an Online Degree?
There are ways to save money and still get your degree. So long as the online college is accredited there is no reason why you shouldn't choose the cheapest option.
Everything You Need to Know about an Online Degree
Decide if online study is right for you. You will need to be self -disciplines, motivated, have good organizational skills, a computer, Internet access and a little Internet experience.
Most Popular Online Degree - Why You Should Study Online Too
One third of all collage students have studied online at some point. The overwhelming success of online study is most predominant in those seeking their BA in Business Administration, and there are some good reasons for their choice.
5 Reasons Why You Should Do an Online Degree
The main reason for doing an online degree is the same as for a traditional degree – to improve your work prospects and broaden your horizons and knowledge. But why specifically an online degree and not a regular one?
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