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College PARTY you won't FORGET!
College PARTY you won't FORGET!
What are the Advantages of Earning a Degree Online?
There’s no denying that attending a four-year college and living on campus has its charms. The experience often introduces students to classmates who become lifelong friends, and for an 18-year-old, there are few options more enticing than leaving the nest. But let’s face it, not everyone who wants a college degree is 18 years old.
Tips for Getting Your Degree Online
Getting your degree online is a perfect solution for those without a college diploma and looking at options to enhance their skill-set. Online courses are available through many learning institutions and allow you to complete anything from associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees, all the way to doctorate degrees. The Distance Education and Training Council estimates that there are 4 million students engaging in distance learning at U.S. universities. This is why most every learning institution is now offering some form of online learning, or a combination of online and traditional classes, to students across the globe.
An Online World - Why not an Online Degree?
We shop, we work, we’re socializing online - we can study as such as well-the role of an online degree in today's society.
Best Colleges for LGBT Students
LGBT students are finding it easier and easier to find colleges offering a safe, comfortable and supportive environment on campus. Ranking lists are published annually ranking the LGBT-friendliness of colleges. Although there are many more LGBT-friendly colleges in the US here are some of the best:
University Frat House Party!
University Frat House Party! That Will BLOW Your Mind!
10 Best College Degrees
When it comes to your career, do you find yourself searching for something more? Whether it is a higher paying job or more rewarding work, the definition of “success” varies from person to person. Most agree that job security coupled with a high salary spells success at work, but did you pick the best college degree to prepare you for the challenge?
Is it Cheaper to Go to School Online?
The answer to the question “Is it cheaper to go to school online?” isn’t very satisfying: it depends. Enrolling in an online degree program can certainly be less expensive than going to an exclusive Ivy League college; it can also be far more expensive than going to your local community college. Because “it depends,” it’s important to compare apples to apples.
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College Spring Break 2014
College Spring Break
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