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Best of UK Sport Oriented Universities
If sport is your passion then you should choose a university which offers top sporting facilities, sport oriented degrees and an active recreational sporting environment. Here are some of the top ranked UK universities for sports in 2015.
The Seasons - University of Arizona
Pool Party - University of Arizona
Deltopia College Students
They sure know how to get it done.
The Best Colleges for Future Hollywood Stars
Many of the esteemed "Best College" lists include universities where the performing arts are taught; but potential Hollywood stars are often looking for a college which will gives them a leg-up in the professional performance industry. So perhaps the best "Best" list to look at is not the Princeton Review or Forbes by a list published by the Hollywood Reporter.
The Best Christian Universities in the USA
Several websites announce a list of the "Best Christian Colleges" each year including the Princeton Review, the Institutional Research and Evaluation Inc., Forbes and U.S.News. Here are some of the colleges (in no particular order) which consistently rank in the top 10 of annual Best Christian Colleges.
The Best Online University in the World
It is possible to get a degree from the comfort of your own home but not all online universities are created equally.
The Best Universities in the World
Some universities are household names, not only that, but in the job market a degree from a prestigious university can open doors. A number of organizations and websites do an annual round-up of the best universities in the world. Even though the assessments are done by different teams the same universities consistently feature in the top ten. It is interesting to note that even the lists which include universities from across the globe still feature the same US and UK establishments among the top 10.
Spring Break College
Spring Break College
The Best University in India
India has traditionally been seen as a country that sends rather than receives international students, but a growing number of students from elsewhere are now choosing to study in India.
5 Ways To Find True Love At College
With fear of sounding like "The Love Doctor" or Will Smith on "Hitch", I have decided to give love advice. This isn't eHarmony and I'm not Dr. Phil, so if my advice doesn't work for you then I'm sorry.
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