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A BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) can be obtained online although at some point you will have to do practical assignments away from your home computer. A BSN is a step up from a Registered Nurse (RN) and comes with several advantages.

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BSN degree holders are paid more than registered nurses; they get better jobs and have more knowledge in their field. However registered nurses are usually already employed when they decide to improve their education and get their BSN and so an online degree is a practical solution. RNs can work while getting their BSN in their spare time with the flexible schedule of an online education. Here are some of the top ranking nursing programs online (in random order).
Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
85% of students at this public graduate school are already employed. The school has a 98% graduating success rate. There is faculty mentorship and students are exposed to national experts who are hired as guest lecturers.  The Center for Academic Excellence provides online students with student support services and helps them plan their academics and future careers. The nursing MSN cannot be completed completely online. Live tech support is not 24/7 but is available.
John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
This private institution has a stellar reputation and 81% of its BSN nursing students are already employed when they enroll. The online study experience is nurtured by the Institution Technology Services and Instructional Designers who strive to enhance the online student’s experience. The select group of online MSN students enrolled for 2015 is 81. This nursing school does not offer Doctorate of Nursing Practice degrees, but it is possible to earn your MSN entirely online. There is 24/7 live tech support.  
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
90% of enrolling students to this institution’s online MSN degree are already employed. The online courses are offered to MSN and DNP degree students. The faculty staff is all seasoned and maintain current NP practices. In addition the college has its own health clinic, The Family and Children Health Center. This is the only nurse managed medical center in the state. The NP pass rate average is between 95% and 100%. It is not possible to earn your MSN entirely online and there is no 24/7 live tech support.
SUNY College of Technology, Delhi, NY
The State University of New York’s nursing program specifically takes into consideration the circumstances of students juggling work, family and study. The BSN consists of 120 coursework hours and is only offered to students who already hold their associates’ degree or BA in nursing. The university offers technical assistance to deal with online problems. The teaching staff has practical experience as well as academic excellence. The Delhi School of Nursing is one of the most affordable online BSN degrees available.
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