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Top Online Universities Based Outside of the USA

For many reasons it is sometimes advisable to study at an online university which is located close to your home. For example cultural differences or language may be an issue. Some online universities require you to visit the physical campus, partake in practical exercises or attend a minimum number of on-campus courses. Here are some of the top online universities in those areas.

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University of Oxford, UK
This is the #5 best global university in the world. USNEWS ranked Oxford as the #1 Best Global University in Europe and in the UK. Its top subjects include clinical medicine, biology and biochemistry, microbiology, math and Social Science among others. They offer over 90 online courses for short, long or professional study.
University of Cambridge, UK
Like Oxford this is a world renowned school which is #6 on the Best Global University list. Cambridge offers excellent programs in molecular biology, genetics, space science and biochemistry. Online they have adult undergraduate certificates, diplomas, post grad certificates, professional qualifications and general interest courses.  Cambridge offers "taster" courses for you to try out the online university courses without fully committing. 
Imperial Global, UK
This is the online section of the Imperial College London. Ranked on some lists as #2 Best University in the World. This establishment has a stellar reputation especially in teaching and research. One of their top online programs is the Global Master of Business Administration. 
University of Liverpool, UK
Liverpool offers a number of top ranked online programs particularly masters and PHDs. You can earn your entire degree online through Liverpool Uni just as 10,000 students are already doing. Their focus for online courses is management, health, law, psychology, IT and education.
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland
This institution consistently features on "best" lists and ranks as #5 in Europe. Among the many programs offered there is environmental and ecology studies, geosciences, engineering and computer science. The university ran a pilot program in 2014 of online activities to compliment the traditional classroom. The first three online courses were offered in autumn 2014. As yet you cannot earn your entire degree online from this university.
University of Melbourne, Australia
This is an internationally recognized university famous for its research and academics. Melbourne University partners with courser to offer online courses for free. It is the region's top university which excels with their psychiatry, psychology and social science programs. They also offer interesting subjects like toxicology, neuroscience and immunology.
University of Sydney, Australia
This institution offers degrees which can be completely finished online or as part of a campus course. Among the top programs online there is bioethics, biostatistics and clinical epidemiology.
University of Queensland Australia, Australia 
The online MBA in International Business at this university is one of the top programs on offer. Their environmental studies and education are other popular options. Graduates have the same qualifications and credentials as on-campus students.
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